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  • What should be on your Contractor CV?


    Before you start job hunting, you’ll need to create a strong CV, that fully promotes your abilities and experience to date.

    We asked our Recruiters what they’d expect to see our CVs and here’s what they said:


    Your contact details

    This may sound obvious, but they are sometimes missing off a CV so ensure you include a mobile phone number, email and postal address


    Relevant skills

    You’ll need to include all relevant and in date accreditations you hold so Recruiters can match your skills to the clients requirements



    Include your most recent education, but only include relevant qualifications for the roles you’re applying for


    Work experience

    The key a good contractor CV is to note key projects you were involved with during your employer. Mention size, scale and responsibility to show you have varied experience



    Ensure you have some strong references on your CV, consider asking Contract Managers from sites you’ve worked on who can give new employers a good idea of your competency level


    Your LinkedIn profile

    If you’re on LinkedIn make sure you add a link to your profile on your CV. You may have shared connections in common with the Hiring Manager, or some great recommendations on your profile that support your capability


    Once you’ve finished compiling your CV make sure you ask some to read through it to check it covers everything and doesn’t have any spelling mistakes.

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