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  • Ensuring Compliance At Work


    One of NRL’s core values is accountability. We hold ourselves accountable for our work at all times; we do not shift blame and will do our utmost to solve any issues efficiently.


    Company Insurance:

    We have an insurance policy in place support our workers whilst they are working abroad. These policies are dependent on contractual and statutory obligations including: employer’s liability, worker’s compensation, general liability and third party liability programmes. These cover for things like injury, death, damage to property and injury to other individuals (subject to the policy terms and conditions).


    Tax Advice:

    Strict laws apply to candidates who earn money abroad. If these regulations aren’t thoroughly explained it can lead to confusion. To help our candidates to receive the best possible advice on tax and finance we have developed a preferred suppliers list (PSL) of all the suppliers who have passed our compliance audit process and who we are confident will provide expert advice at all stages of the mobilisation process.



    At NRL we understand that immigration can often be a complex process. It involves stringent laws, mitigation regulations and visa controls. Our mobility specialists are equipped to make the process easier for both our clients and candidates. They are able to coordinate a range of services including:

    • Pre-mobilisation preparation and management
    • Visa and work permits
    • Coordination of Certificate of Eligibility
    • Medical benefits, health screenings and inoculations


    Pre-mobilisation preparation and management:

    When it comes to immigration no two cases are the same. As a result our teams work to tailor our mobility services to each individual’s specific needs. This may include ensuring that candidates are equipped with the correct work permits and visas or the arrangement of transportation to ensure workers reach their destinations efficiently and safely.


    Visas and work permits:

    By building up relationships with embassies and overseas employment administration bodies we can help our candidates acquire working authorisation regardless of their nationality. To date NRL have successfully finalised work permits for the China, UK, Niger, South Korea and the Philippines. We work alongside our candidates throughout the mobilisation process and look to minimise any difficulties involved in the visa application process.


    Medical benefits, health screenings and inoculations:

    Our candidate’s health is of paramount importance to us. At NRL our teams will always ensure that the candidates we place are medically fit and devoid of any health conditions that may worsen their performance at work. Regular health checks are carried out to establish the health and well-being of our workers before any travel alongside check-ups whilst they are abroad.